Token Black Girl

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Teachable Moment

I'd like to be a teacher. I am working at it currently and cannot wait to make it through the monotony of the teacher credentialing process. Most of the content is informative at very least but showing up to long classes and the homework can be a real drag. To be honest, just this last week I was seriously considering quitting. Things had been going very poorly in my life and I had the sinking feeling that I was flying out of control. In my life control is a big deal. I was feeling very down and things seemed to be getting worse before they got better. You know the old saying that when it rains it pours? Yeah well my life was looking like a level 5 hurricane. I thought that maybe I should take a break. Maybe this was all too much and I could pick school back up when my life was in less chaos. Teaching can wait right? It waited this long, it won’t go anywhere.

Token Black Girl continued

Okay so last week I vented and I thought I completely got it all out of my system, but once again this week I felt the enormity of being the single solitude black student in my credential courses. I have a new teacher this week, one whom I feel I will really do well with. I have already learned a great deal from him in just one sitting. The man is a great teacher, I can already tell. So despite the fact that I am super tired (haven’t slept in more than 24 hours) I find myself actually hanging onto his every word, I am truly engaged, until he brings up Ebonics. As usual during this discussion I studied the complexities in the varying textures of the carpet as to avoid being called on as the token black student yet again. I have issues, I know. But back to the discussion of Ebonics and why I was so repulsed by it. This has been recognized as an official language by the American Society on Language or some such organization that makes these kinds of decisions. I appreciate that my teacher did take time to admit that this organization is largely white run, but still I sat in semi disgust. Again, why are Anglo - American people making all the calls regarding Black American language?