Token Black Girl

Friday, November 19, 2010

Black Girl Curves

Recently, while I walked through the store buying ingredients for a pound cake and minding my own business, I was given a comment that took me quite by surprise. While I perused the dairy aisle for buttermilk (which is very hard to find might I add), two black men walked past me, and one of them stopped to compliment me on my "black girl curves". At first I was taken aback by the comment. How does one respond to something like that? I offered him a wary smile and replied, "Uh, thanks?" The man grinned a beautiful dimpled grin and kept on walking by. He wasn't trying to "holla" as they say, just giving a random compliment.

Politics For Sale?

With the election season finally over, I feel like I can finally talk about the whole mess. I realize that everyone, including me, is so do with the elections, but I just have one question to ask. Seriously? Do we really have to treat our political system like a Walmart? Why are people being elected based on who has the best commercials? I am pretty disgusted with the entire thing to be completely honest. The American people don't need this. Californians really don't need this, and I'm sure that the political system as a whole could live without it.