Black Girl Curves

Recently, while I walked through the store buying ingredients for a pound cake and minding my own business, I was given a comment that took me quite by surprise. While I perused the dairy aisle for buttermilk (which is very hard to find might I add), two black men walked past me, and one of them stopped to compliment me on my "black girl curves". At first I was taken aback by the comment. How does one respond to something like that? I offered him a wary smile and replied, "Uh, thanks?" The man grinned a beautiful dimpled grin and kept on walking by. He wasn't trying to "holla" as they say, just giving a random compliment.

I looked down at myself, not too impressed with my jeans and t-shirt combination. Then it hit me, that man wanted nothing more from me than the satisfaction of knowing he appreciated my black girl curves. Now ladies, I waited most my life to join the rest of you and have any semblance of a back side. I've only had one for maybe 4 years now. The girls have been a D since high school and are now currently registering at a FF. Normally these are things have leave me feeling slightly self conscious, but uh uh, not that day. That day I was reminded that black men still appreciate the sway of a woman's hips and the subtle bounce of a generous set of breasts. That day I was the bell of the ball on the milk aisle. So I strutted me and my size 12 (yes, I finally admit it, size 12) self up to the register like a queen; swayin' and displayin; my black girl curves.


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