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And another one.. 2014

So fitness used to be my thing. I liked the gym. My social life revolved around it. used to think my 150 lbs were problematic. Notice how everything is in the past tense. Fast forward 5 years and here I am. Baking is my thing. I hate the gym. It interferes with my down time. Now 150 lbs is my goal weight... long term. So what changed? I did apparently. A lot. A whole lot,  and now I am trying to change back. And just a few weeks before my wedding... I know what you're thinking.  It is too late for that now, right? I agree. This is not about my wedding day. When I tried to lose for that I failed miserably.  In fact, I gained like 10 pounds.  I'm a stress eater. Wedding planning+full time job+masters courses+thesis+trying to lose weight = disaster. I failed in a BIG way. So truth time.  I now weigh 216 Lbs.  Yikes. I only weighed 186 when I met my fiancĂ© less than a year ago (it was fast I know, but that is topic for another blog). That means 30 lbs in less than a year. I'…

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