So I Call Myself a Writer

I like to say that I'm a writer, and I am! Right? But where is the proof? Up until this week I've been on a four month creative writing block and like a year of being "blog challenged. So what's the problem? Me!

Many people don't realize how very difficult writing and creating is. I don't just sit here and words magically put forth from my mind through the keyboard and into my word processor. This is hard work! Even at this very moment, I'm obsessing about my word choice and whether or not I should subscribe to the oxford comma! I know that no one cares but me, but not only am I a Language Arts teacher, but I'm also a Master's student in an English Literature program so I'm a little uptight. 

The point is, writing is not easy. I know that if great writers all relied on inspiration to right their one great masterpiece, that there would be no great writers. I get it, I really do. I'm just having a hard time making it fit between my career as a teacher and my personal life (which is really only grading papers and sleeping from August - May). On top of all that I'm in school!!!

So what was the point of this particular blog? Nothing at all except to whine a little and make an excuse to myself for why I'm not writing. Oh well, it's back to the races for me. Time for my fingers to burn the keyboard and to work harder than I've ever worked. Talley Ho! 


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