Too Cool for Comic Con?

Um, before I even begin, let me clarify and say no, I certainly am not. I've never been cool. I'm a nerd. I blog for fun. I own the entire series of Avatar,The Airbender, not the blue people. The better question is, am I too cool to cosplay? Probably not. I would totally do something completely geeky like that and embarrass all of my image conscious, cool-kids-in-high-school siblings. The problem is, who would I be?

There simply are not a lot of black women characters in science fiction and fantasy, at least not that are popularized. I could be Storm I imagine, but every black girl geeky or hot enough for Comic Con will be her.  There is the Halle Berry Cat woman, but as a real comic book geek, I would never insult the franchise that way. I hear there are some anime chicks, but I'm not into anime. There are some totally dope black female characters in black written science fiction/fantasy/paranormal works, but they are not very popular and would not get recognized (IE Damali Richards, best character EVER, RIP L.A Banks). Besides, where would I get a realistic set of angel wings?

As a black woman writer, I feel it's my job to get more women, black women particularly, to be visible characters in these genres, especially as heroes. That however is a topic for another blog. What i really want right now is a super gangster black female character to dress as for next years con (Also to take pictures with Matt Smith, because he's the Doctor, and the Doctor is HOT). So much for these ramblings. Let's see if I can come up with anything before next year. Any suggestions?


  1. Foxxy Love from Drawn Together?

    Here are a couple other suggestions

  2. You're welcome, don't do foxxy love though, you may give the poor Nerds there a heart attack.

    1. Yeah, Foxxy Love is not really the image I'd want to go for. A little to hood for my taste.


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