Awkward Black Girl

Yes, I realize that the title of this blog is vaguely reminiscent of the title of this blog page, but bare with me.

I'm Awkward

Okay, in reality, this is very, extremely, remarkably true, but this time its not about me! In the wee hours of the morning, I accidentally stumbled upon internet gold. I came across a web-series entitled The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl. I highly suggest you look it up. I have to admit, I was hesitant at first. I have been lead to believe that all media portrayals of black women include obnoxious behavior, baby daddies, atrocious English, drugs, stripping, tricking, and or booty popping in any or all combinations.

This show breaks the mold. This show introduces a character by the name of J, (not to be confused with White J - see episode 5). J comes out right from episode 1 and tells us who and what she is "I'm awkward... and I'm black". Yes, she just up and says it. At that moment, awkward black girls like me around the world sighed in relief. We don't get a lot of recognition.

Awkward black girls like me? Yes we do exist. I am black and no... I do not know how to Dougie (Dougy?). I don't "do" hair. I couldn't fry a chicken if it plucked itself and kamikaze'd right into a pan of hot oil in my kitchen. I thought Wokka Flocka was a Fozzy Bear parody and was disheartened when I discovered it, or he rather, wasn't. Yeah sure, I look pretty darned good in a pair of skinny jeans and stilettos... I just can't walk in them (or anything else really, I'm super clumsy). I have a hard time listening to contemporary music or watching black people on TV shows because I find myself constantly wanting to correct their grammar. I read and write Sci-Fi, and I secretly love DC and Marvel  comics. The fact is folks, I'm awkward, but I am not alone.

This web series and its forums have managed to bring together a collection of is ABG's. The last several hours have been comforting for me as I discovered how many other socially awkward, pop culture retarded, awkward black girls there are out there. There are even some awkward black guys out there too! I am dating one, and I gotta say... I'm never going back. Non-awkward guys just don't get me.

This show takes a light hearted look at work dynamics, the 'popular girl', liking the non-awkward guy, interracial dating, dancing, staplers and even stop sign etiquette! This show is a funny, crass, laugh out-loud good time. More than all of that, this show is AWKWARD!

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  1. Thanks for the new discovery. I may have found my kindred people! :o)

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  3. i totally love that show,been watching for a minute and i am HOOKED!


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