Token Black Girl

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Same Stuff, Different Day

Okay, so I had to change my web url and all that to get my blog switched to my current email, which was mighty incovenient I might add, but here I am. All my blogs are now centrally located. The crew is all here. I'm back and ready for action.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Long Road

Okay Blogger fam, this year has gotten off to a slow start fo a sistah, and I mean REAL slow. So as I sit here sipping my bottle of Evian I have to wonder what I've done to contribute to the lack of motion in my life and further more, how in the world do I get out of it? So is taking things slow the worst thing that can happen to a girl? No, of course not. However, complacency is not something I deal well with. In general I always have a plan, a goal, or something to reach towards. I set my mind to an action and I take it, regardless of the obstacles. Right now, I feel like I am the obstacle. I can't get my butt into gear on anything: not romance, not work, not education, nothing! Pray for me, its going to be a long road ahead!

Is there a grownup in the house?

I'm feeling a little frustrated today. I have found all these great websites for creative writers like myself who just want to share their work with other writers and read what others have to offer, however they are dominated by teenagers. not just any teenagers, like middle school aged teenagers who mostly write fan fiction based on Manga or the Twilight series. Are there no active writing societies for adult people? The only ones I found are basically places trying to sell me the benefits of e-publishing. I so don't care. I cant even get this darned blow off the ground, what do I look like trying to e-publish. I just want to write for pure enjoyment and vibe with other people who do as well. More specifically other adults who can at least identify who Envogue or Aerosmith are. Gees, what does a girl have to do to get some love around here. I know I cant be the only black writer out there looking for some peers. UGH!