10 reasons my generation is better than yours…

10. Our Black movies were The last Dragon, Boys in the Hood and the Five Heartbeats. Yours are Soul Plane and anything made by Tyler Perry.

9. Our comedians were Bernie Mac, Steve Harvey and Cedric the entertainer. Yours are Mike Epps and Tracy Morgan. (I wish we could claim Richard Pryor, but no such luck)

8. The Thundercats can whip the behind of any of your cartoon heroes … trust me.

7. We were around for The Cosby show AND Martin.

6. Tupac never wore lime green skinny jeans and NWA didn’t come with a dance craze.

5. En vogue, Boyz II Men, and Tevin Campbell never used Auto tunes. They could actually sing… live.

4. Our action heroes were Jean Claude Van Dam, Chuck Norris, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Wesley Snipes. You have Dwayne Johnson. You don’t even know who that is, do you? I’ll give you a hint. He’s played a tooth fairy… Scary.

3. We had Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey before they each had their “episodes”.

2. Baby Face and could write The Dream into a deep dark hole from which he could never escape… ever, Not even if The Thundercats, Wesley Snipes, Bruce Leroy, NWA, and En Vogue worked together to save is talentless little life.

1. Reality T.V. didn’t exist, thus no one knew the “Flavor of love” and “Survivor” was anybody who made it out of the hood.

Oh yeah, and as an extra added bonus. The main reason my generation is better than yours? When we threw up west side? It stood for the entire state of California; Not the Westside of your block from which your 3 year old crew of 9 adolescent boys developed.


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