"Good Man" - A discussion (2007)

Me: For starters, I would like to say that I had no idea that such a heated debate would spark from a couple of bulletin posts. However, i acknoledge the importance of free expression and how extremely healthy it is. I enjoy a good debate from time to time. To begin I would like to send many kudos to my dear friend Tajala for taking my thoughts and propelling them much, much further. She has a knack for articulating her thoughts well. I would also like to thank her for taking the time to differentiate between the "good guy" and the feigned "good guy". men, please stop takig it upon yourselves to label yourselves good unless you are willing to consistently put forth the effort in being one. Being good "to this one girl, this one time, but she broke my heart" so does not count.

I would also like to piggy back on Buz's comment of "don't talk about it, be about it". If you are really all the man that you claim you are , there would be nothing to discuss. You would be bearing the fruit there of. When Jesus passed the fig tree that bore no figs, he cursed it. So if you have no intentions of actually growing some figs... please stop calling yourself a fig tree. Also that a real man consist of humble sunbmission to the Lord and an honest relationship with him. that is where he will find his strength, his honor, his worth and his respect. That is where he will garner all of those qualities that will deem him a good man.

I read in a classroom once a sign that said, "Your actions are speaking so loud, that I cannot hear what you are saying". That was for a class of fifth graders. Why is it that so many grown men have yet to grasp that simple concept. this however is by no means limited to men. there are many people who live contradictory to what theysay of themselves (or post in their myspace, lol). My things is this, if your a dog, be a dog. there are lots of women there on your level. If you are aspiring to be a good guy, keep it. It's ahrd to be better, but it is most certainly worth the effort when you fnd a woman who inspires you. And to all the men out there who are amused by all of this debate, and find any men who feel the need to argue on behalf of the dogs pety, simple, and hung up on silly titles like "good guy", leave me message because you are likely the real thing.


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